Water Purification Systems

No need to buy bottled water
Kettle never needs descaling
Improves the taste of tea, coffee,
boiled vegetables,etc
Ideal for plants and animals
Perfectly sterile water for steam irons


Central Heating - Gas or Oil
Water Heaters - Gas or Electric
Bathrooms/Shower Rooms
Full Design & Installation
Air Conditioning & Guttering


G. F. Plumbing is based in Castalla, and serves the surrounding towns, including: Onil, Tibi, Ibi, Biar, Sax, Elda, Petrer, Agost, Salinas, etc.

G.F. Plumbing provides a full plumbing service.

We supply and install: About the Company
  • Full gas and oil central heating systems
  • Gas water heaters
  • Gas hobs and ovens
  • Water purification systems, including Reverse Osmosis
  • Air conditioning
  • Bathrooms/shower-rooms, including full design service
  • Plastic guttering

We also carry out underbuild conversions.

  • G. F. Plumbing is fully legal in Spain
  • We provide certification for gas central heating at no additional cost
  • We guarantee all installations for 12 months (not including appliances, which are guaranteed by the manufacturer)
  • We provide a comprehensive after-sales service
  • Fully qualified ex CORGI registered gas installer
  • Fully qualified plumber
  • Over 30 years´experience

  • Gas Water Heaters

    G.F. Plumbing

    Central Heating